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    • There were exactly five interesting news stories to come out of this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.  See if you can spot them all in the following five bullet points:
    • Firstly, and most excitingly, Drawn & Quarterly announced that it will be publishing Art Spiegelman’s CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics and Scraps; an expanded English language edition of the book produced to coincide with Spiegelman’s incredible touring exhibition that kicked off earlier this year at Angoulême.
    • D&Q will also be publishing the first full-length, book-store-distributed comic by the fantastic Michael DeForge, collecting his online Ant Comic as Ant Colony.  I like to think it was inevitable that the most prominent Canadian comics publisher would pick up work by the most talented young Canadian cartoonist, but it’s nice to see that actually pan out.
    • PictureBox had a couple of announcements too.  First up, they’ll be publishing So Long, Silver Screen, the first translated work by influential French cartoonist Blutch, with a cover designed by David Mazzucchelli.
    • They’ll also be putting out the first English language collection of work by the revered manga porn artist Gengoroh Tagame, whose work was featured in the most recent issue of Thickness.  Notably, the book will be designed by Tagame mega-fan Chip Kidd, who along with translator Anne Ishii first brought the project to PictureBox’s attention, so it should look fantastic too.
    • Not to be outdone, Fantagraphics continued their celebration of the 30th anniversary of Love & Rockets by announcing that New Stories, the most recent incarnation of the series, would be making the move to digital via Comixology’s app, with more titles from their back catalogue to follow throughout the year.  This seems like a sensible move, albeit not a particularly surprising one, though if it introduces iPad owners to Los Bros it’s fine by me.  Significantly more exciting are these L&R t-shirts, which I would genuinely kill for given the opportunity.
    • You may have noticed that the majority of the links above come from Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter, which very deservedly won the Eisner award for best comics-related journalism at San Diego.  Spurgeon put up an essential day-by-day round up of the convention here, as well as a look back at the festival here and a full list of Eisner winners here.  There are worse ways you could waste your afternoon than by ploughing through that lot.
    • Elsewhere in comics festival news, the Closed Caption Comics guys have posted a photo round up of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, which as a first time, big city alt comics event makes an interesting comparison to the recent East London Comics and Arts Festival.  Cartoonist Leah Wishnia has some cool photos from the festival up at her blog too.
    • Dustin Harbin has a typically great write up of Charlotte HeroesCon at his blog.  There’s some really interesting stuff in there about a festival I know next to nothing about.  Brian Ralph covered it too, in more hilarious style.  As Spurgeon notes, this really has been an unprecedentedly incredible year for comics festivals, and we’re only half way in.
    • In non-festival comics news, New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art will be closing down to move to new premises as a result of cash flow problems.
    • Chris Ware’s much anticipated, fourteen-piece, comes-in-a-box Building Stories looks INCREDIBLE.
    • Here’s the cover for the new issue of Michael DeForge’s Lose, which you can safely assume will be one of the best books released this year.
    • Simon Hanselmann is the most exciting new cartoonist I’ve encountered since DeForge, having emerged pretty much fully formed from the wilds of Tazmania within the last month, as far as I can tell.  There are loads and loads of strips up at his Girl Mountain blog, all of which are hilarious.
    • Julia Gfrorer has a great new comic up at Study Group.
    • Charles Forsman’s Oily Comics are offering subscriptions.  With titles like Forsman’s The End of the Fucking World as well as work from Joseph Lambert, Sammy Harkham, Michael DeForge and more all due this year, that’s an offer you can’t refuse.  I already signed up for the 6-month deal, so expect to see me using my ‘Friend of Oily Comics’ membership card as ID in a pub in the near future.
    • Travis Reynolds, a student studying on Phillip Troutman’s comics criticism course at George Washington University has an unusually lucid piece of academic writing about panels and closure up at the Hooded Utilitarian.  If only all comics studies writing was this well put together.
    • Seth designed a barber’s shop in Ontario and it looks exactly how you’d expect.
    • and finally, RAW: the magazine you don’t mind being rejected from.

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